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With Brisbane clinics at Yeerongpilly, Aspley and Greenslopes

Occupational Therapy is about making sure that people can do the “occupations” that are important to them. For kids, our Brisbane Occupational Therapists help with everyday life activities like making friends, exploring and trying new things, playing, being brave, being calm when things are hard, reading, writing, spelling, doing what they’re asked and motor skills. For parents, we help you understand your children, cope better and know how to help them overcome their challenges. We help kids achieve what’s important to them and learn how to get past their difficulties.

We look after kids with sensory processing issues, autism, dyslexia and learning difficulties, attention deficit disorder, developmental delays, dyspraxia and motor planning issues, downs syndrome, all other syndromes, disabilities and difficulties, handwriting and fine motor issues, gross motor skills, self-care skills including dressing, feeding, toileting and any other functional issues.

With clinics in Yeerongpilly, Aspley and Greenslopes, our team of experienced and highly trained Occupational Therapists give you hope and confidence as you see your child overcome his or her challenges. We look for the root causes in every “problem” behaviour or developmental delay and use a mixture of play-based developmental treatment and strategies customized to your child’s and family’s needs. Here, in partnership with you, we build the foundations towards normal development.

We are providers under the National Disablity Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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Our special interests are in the following:

• Sensory Processing/ Integration • Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome • Developmental Delays • Dyslexia & Learning Difficulties • Attention Deficit Disorder • Motor Skill Delays • Prematurity or Birth Trauma • Toileting (Incontinence) • Any Other Developmental Issue or Condition We see babies, kindy kids, primary school kids, teenagers and adults who have not grown out of their developmental challenges.  Click here to find out more   We aim to give you confidence, satisfaction and peace of mind through:

  • Having a proven track record of results where children and their families meet the goals set with their Occupational Therapist.
  • Having great facilities with sensory gyms and smaller treatment rooms so we can provide the right environment for your child to be successful.
  • Having therapist’s trained and skilled in the “latest” therapy approaches so we can address your concerns in a targeted and efficient way for better outcomes.
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  • Providing therapy that is customized to your child and family’s budget and needs. Partnering with parents and teachers to help meet the child’s therapy goals.
  • Having three locations around Brisbane for your convenience.
  • Being a large and well trusted Occupational Therapy practice that has been in operation since 2003.
  • Our guarantee that if you or your child do not “connect”, “gel” or “fit” with the therapist we recommend, we will transition you to another therapist for a free session.

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The areas of Brisbane we service

  • Our Aspley clinic sees children and families from all of the Northern and Moreton Bay Regions.

  • Our Yeerongpilly clinic sees children and families primarily from the  Western, Southern and Ipswich regions of Brisbane.

  • Our Greenslopes clinic sees children and families primarily from the Eastern, Southern and Ipswich regions of Brisbane.

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