Empowering Families, Transforming Lives!

Our experienced and highly trained Occupational Therapists give you hope and confidence as you see your child overcome his or her challenges.

Why does your child struggle with tasks that his peers seem to do naturally? – playing, behaving, writing, relating to others, moving, paying attention, following routines, controlling his/ her emotions?  How do you get through life with this child and his/ her difficulties? Our Occupational Therapists look for the root causes in every “problem” behaviour or developmental delay and guide you in where to start to address challenges. We use a mixture of play, body and mind exercises, strategies and skills training according to the most current therapy approaches customized to your child’s and family’s needs. We tailor therapy and home programs so you can overcome those challenges. Here, in partnership with you, we build the foundations towards normal development.

We aim to give you confidence, satisfaction and peace of mind through:

  • Our guarantee that if you or your child do not “connect”, “gel” or “fit” with the therapist we recommend, we will transition you to another therapist for a free session.
  • Having a proven track record of results where children and their families meet the goals set with their Occupational Therapist.
  • Having great facilities with sensory gyms and smaller treatment rooms so we can provide the right environment for your child to be successful.
  • Having therapist’s trained and skilled in the “latest” therapy approaches so we can address your concerns in a targeted and efficient way for better outcomes.
  • Providing therapy that is customized to your child and family’s budget and needs.
  • Partnering with parents and teachers to help meet the child’s therapy goals.
  • Having four locations around Brisbane for your convenience.
  • Being a large and well trusted Occupational Therapy practice that has been in operation for over ten years.

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Our special interests are in the following:

• Sensory Processing/ Integration

• Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome

• Developmental Delays

• Dyslexia & Learning Difficulties

• Attention Deficit Disorder

• Motor Skill Delays

• Prematurity or Birth Trauma

• Toileting (Incontinence)

• Any Other Developmental Issue or Condition

We see adolescents and adults too who have not grown out of their developmental challenges.   Click here to find out more