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Who is Emilie and how much experience does she have?

Emilie is a warm and engaging OT who meets kids and families where they’re at to help overcome developmental challenges. She completed a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, both attained in Canada. She believes these are an excellent combination to assist individuals. She has been working as an OT  since 2011.

Emilie loves working with children ranging from toddlers to teenagers with developmental delays, motor coordination difficulties (including Cerebral Palsy, dyspraxia, or other motor conditions), sensory processing disorders, attention and learning difficulties, as well as emotional, social or behavioural issues. In addition, Emilie has training to treat Mental Health disorders. She also enjoys working with adults whether they are seeking to overcome physical injuries, help with sensory processing issues, or support with Mental Health disorders.


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Experience with Children’s Issues

When it comes to working with kids, Emilie is passionate about working with developmental delays, motor difficulties, learning difficulties, sensory processing disorders, Mental Health diagnoses and social, behavioural or emotional issues. As well as having experience in a clinical setting, she has worked with children in their home, at school and at day care.

What approach does she take?

Emilie values a family-centred approach, believing that involving the family in the therapy process is essential as they are the experts on their child. She works with the family towards making their goals a reality. It is her passion to work with young ones, ranging from toddlers to teenagers, to enhance their abilities and reach their fullest potential in a fun, individualised and functional way. Emilie is flexible in her approach as she is dedicated to providing services that are tailored to the needs of the families at all times and find solutions that fit their lifestyle. She is determined and enthusiastic about enabling children by facilitating the child’s strengths to enhance motivation and overcome difficulties.

Is Emilie right for you?

Emilie is very patient and attentive and loves spending time with individuals to find out what challenges they are facing in order to teach them new skills to empower them. Emilie is friendly and values creating meaningful relationships with the child and parents.

What happens if you don’t like your therapist (or they don’t feel best equipped to help you)?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts you or the therapist may find that you are not a good fit. If your therapist feels that he or she is not best suited to you, he/ she will discuss this with you and recommend a more appropriate therapist. We will then offer you a discounted first session with a new more appropriate therapist at Kids Matters.

If you feel that your therapist is not a good fit within the first three sessions, simply discuss this with our admin team who will find a more suitable therapist. We will then offer you a free consultation with a new therapist.