Judy Lockhart

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Who is Judy and how much experience does she have?

Judy’s passion is supporting children to participate in their home, school and community environments. Judy has a strong focus on partnership with parents and working on the goals of the child and family. As our first speech pathologist, Judy is excited to be working with Kids Matters to develop Speech Pathology services that complement and enhance current Occupational Therapy and Psychology programs.

She graduated from Speech Pathology at the University of Queensland in 1995 and has worked with children with communication difficulties since then. She has also completed a Masters of Communication Disorders at Macquarie University.

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Judy is a certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia and has Clinical Competency Certification from American Speech and Hearing Association.

Judy is certified to facilitate the following Hanen (www.Hanen.org) programs:

• It Takes Two to Talk
• More than Words
• Talkability
• Learning Language and Loving It
• Teacher Talk • Target Word

Judy has also attended workshops and training including:

• Introduction to DIR Floortime www.icdl.com/DIR
• Circle of Security, www.cos.org
• Texas Association of Infant Mental Health learning circle and conference
• Theory of Mind workshop by Carol Westby, University of New Mexico
• Parents as Partners, Judy Ball
• Humor Comprehension and Related Language Skills, Cecile Cryul Spector
• Apps and school based the Speech Pathologist, Clint Johnson
• Social- Emotional Development and Assessment, Elisabeth Wiig
• Simple Strategies For Social Success at School, Angie Neal

Judy has presented workshops on topics including:

• Hanen workshops as listed above
• Understanding language impairment and social impairment in school aged children
• Literacy and Language
• Mind Mapping
• Emotional Literacy
• Mathematics and language
• Impact of early childhood trauma on language and social development

Judy has worked in Australia, United States and United Kingdom as a speech pathologist and has a great breadth and depth of understanding of communication and language development and intervention across all age groups including babies, children and young adults. This has included working:

In schools (early childhood settings, special education, primary and secondary)

In community health settings (Autism Queensland, ACT for Kids)

In mental health (Child and Youth Mental Health)

In private practice

As a clinical educator for Queensland Health, University of Queensland and Griffith University

Here she has successfully used many speech and language interventions including intensive therapy programs as well as working with children from bilingual homes. Some examples of her work can be seen in the case studies.

What approach does she take?

Judy targets the child’s functional needs for communication to ensure they can participate socially and academically in home, school and community settings. She prefers to use play-based learning, capitalizing on a child’s interest and goals to support her therapy.

With younger children Judy works closely with parents to maximize therapy outcomes. With a strong commitment to early intervention she works to ensure that children get the best possible start to their schooling.

With older children and adolescents, Judy works to determine what skills can improve their functioning and achieve their goals for school and work. Here she supports the young person to build friendships and use language to support their problem solving and can help them plan for their future work or study contexts.

In schools, Judy supports children to participate in the school curriculum by facilitating appropriate adjustments and modifications to the child’s learning environment in addition to discrete skills teaching to support both literacy and numeracy using language skills.

Is Judy Right For You?

Judy works with all areas of speech and language communication except adult voice work, “nodules and production” and complex children’s voice work. She can do a bit of stuttering work but this is not a preferred area for her.

Her favourite area is working with delayed talkers but she also enjoys all other language and literacy work, including working with children with Autism.