Kids don’t necessarily get better at things over time. It is focussed time on the right things and at the right level that makes the difference.
That’s where our school holiday intensives come in.


An intensive if where a child (or teenager) attends therapy intensively – at least 2-3 times per week for 30 or 50 minutes, focussing on valued outcomes, that are specific to your child.

Intensives can be completed for any valued outcome from handwriting, fine or gross motor skills, learning challenges, motor confidence or any other area that is traditionally addressed by Occupational Therapy.

Your child gets accelerated outcomes because they are focussing on what is important, at a time when they are more relaxed with no school pressures.

Children can attend for just 2 weeks or for the full 5 weeks according to family needs and preference.



  • Accelerated Growth for children that takes the pressure of their parents.
  • Remove the guilt and frustration of never having the time to do your child’s therapy program at home and the frustration where your child won’t work with you.



  • You get peace of mind as our skilled therapists work on what is most important to you and your child at the “just right level”.
  • Your child grows in confidence as he or she gets accelerated growth towards the things that matter.
  • You feel reassured as you leave with a clear road map of the way forward and next steps.


Read more about our intensives.



  • Anyone wanting accelerated growth for their kids
  • Anyone worried about their kid’s development
  • Kids who are not quite ready for school
  • Kids who have plateaued in their development and need a boost to get them to the next level
  • Kids who are missing some key developmental foundations
  • Busy families who don’t have the time to do home programs
  • Kids who refuse to do home programs with their parents
  • Kids who need more structure in their holidays
  • 2 year olds to teenagers.


Visit us 2-3 times per week for 2-5 weeks. You child does more in the clinic, so you can do less at home.

To make it more affordable for you, every week the 2nd &/or 3rd sessions are discounted.

Sessions can be 30 or 50 minutes long according to need.

Available December, 2017 to the end of February, 2018.

*Children are welcome to continue with intensives after this time.


*Freddy is a 5-year-old boy who didn’t recognise his alphabet letters, hated doing fine motor activities, held his pencil in a fist, had weak trunk, arm and hand muscles and still hadn’t chosen a hand. He had been coming to OT on and off, once a month or so for 9 months with little change. His mother just couldn’t do the home program that was needed. His therapist, Julia recommended an intensive and after six 30-minute sessions over 3 weeks he now recognises most letters of the alphabet, has chosen a dominant hand and is using a more mature pencil grip. He is now strong enough to lift his own weight to swing from a trapeze. This was so exciting and motivating for Freddy and his family – it took 3 weeks of intensity to progress after 9 month months of going nowhere.


Johnny was 5 when he started therapy. He has ASD and really struggled with managing the many stairs in his school. He also became dysregulated by movement experiences and had significant difficulties with motor planning how to do the many new tasks he was faced with. He came to therapy with Michelle 2x/ week for 3 weeks and started the new year being able to easily manage all the stairs in his school. He was also exploring a range of movement experiences with confidence. He was keen and ready to start school. This was another great outcome where Johnny got the boost to be ready for school.

Read more about how to book for intensives.


How to Book:

  • Ring 3392 6133 and request to be booked in for an intensive.
  • Existing clients, will be booked straight in with their therapist.
  • New clients will need to come for an initial therapy assessment to establish the baseline and goals for therapy


What are the benefits of an intensive?

Intensives help to form good habits and overcome difficulties more quickly than a single weekly session. (Compare the effects of going to the gym 1x/ week compared to 3x/ week). It is generally accepted that it takes about 1 month to form good habits. The intensive nature of the program gives a chance to build these good habits while developing muscle control, thinking, emotional regulation and skill. It forms an important step in overcoming handwriting difficulties, within a supportive group context. Intensives are recommended for the best outcomes, even if the child does limited practice at home.