Our Holiday Program – 2017

Holidays are a great time to have a break. They’re also a great time to learn and practise new skills. We are so excited to launch our holiday program, drawn from the knowledge and experience of our best therapists. We hope you find something for your child. Or feel free to pass it on to a friend.

The benefits of intensives are that your child gets correct, repetitive practise at doing things “right” or “better” rather than repeating old patterns that either don’t work or only partly work.

Our Intensives are:

Handwriting intensive/ bootcamp

• Scared your child may not cope with Prep & the national curriculum?
• Concerned your child is not keeping up with the writing & fine motor demands of school?

Our writing intensives or weekly groups may be just what you are looking for!

For little ones entering Prep, we are running Get Ready To Write and for older children we are offering Neater and Faster Writers. These programs work not just on handwriting but the skills underlying successful handwriting.

Read more about our handwriting intensives.

Your child will be assisted towards improving:

• confidence with writing
• muscle strength and endurance
• sitting skills
• posture
• pencil grip
• letter formation
• mastering name and other basic letter patterns
• preventing hand pain while writing (Neater & Faster)
• writing at the right speed (Neater & Faster)

Facilitator: Briana Keay and Katja Kotaniemi (Greenslopes) and Kattlen Quiza (Yeerongpilly) (OT)

Each Program involves:
• 1 x 50 minute Writing Assessment,
• 6 x 30 minute intensive individual  sessions,
• All materials required for the program.

Parent education with strategies and guidance on how to develop appropriate writing skills is provided throughout.

Session times: By appointment between Monday 9th January and Friday 27nd January.

How to Book:

  • Ring 3392 6133 and ask to speak to Allison Pym (our Practice Manager) or see her when at the Yeerongpilly clinic
  • Send an email to and she will contact you for intake.

What are the benefits of an intensive?

Intensives help to form good writing habits and overcome difficulties more quickly than a single weekly session. (Compare the effects of going to the gym 1x/ week compared to 3x/ week). It is generally accepted that it takes about 1 month to form good habits. The intensive nature of the program gives a chance to build these good habits while developing muscle control and skill. It forms an important step in overcoming handwriting difficulties, within a supportive group context. Intensives are recommended for the best outcomes, even if the child does limited practice at home.

Cogmed Intensive (Individual Intensive) – for improving working memory & attention

• Frustrated that your bright child is not reaching their potential?

• Worried that he is struggling with maths, reading and/or writing?
• Concerned about the  increased complexity and volume of work with school?
• Does your child have an assessed working memory or attention problem?
• Have you been wanting to do Cogmed but the school year is too busy?

If any of the above apply to your child, our Cogmed Intensive program might be your solution!

Read more about Cogmed.

Cogmed Working Memory Training® is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. It combines cognitive neuroscience with innovative computer game design and close professional support to deliver substantial and lasting benefits to users. The solutions include easy-to-use software and personal support.

It is based on strong scientific research and clinical trials show Cogmed leads to sustained improvements in working memory in 80% of participants.  Learning outcomes in reading and maths improve for many students and it has been shown to improve attention in many kids with ADHD/ ADD. See for details.

Our Cogmed coach Julia Eggles has been doing Cogmed since 2011 and has helped many children overcome their working memory, attention and executive function issues through a combination of both customised Occupational Therapy treatment to prepare children’s body and brains for Cogmed and the Cogmed working memory training itself. Julia is very good at picking which clients are most likely to succeed at Cogmed and knowing how to prepare them for successful outcomes. She finds her clients show the greatest improvements in confidence, independence, speed of work, ease of doing homework, planning and organisation. The kids are much happier and feel better about themselves and it all adds up to improved academic outcomes.

Other training effects reported by the kids, their parents and teachers include:

  •     improve attention
  •     improved social skills
  •     increased confidence
  •     increased persistence and kids don’t give up so easily
  •     improved initiative
  •     improved instruction recall
  •     increased independence in completion of assignments
  •     less drama over homework

It is definitely worth the investment if your child has working memory and attention issues.


Cogmed RM (7 years & above) $1,600 *

Cogmed QM (adults) $1,600 *

* prices as at December 2016

Please call our office on (07) 3392 6133  to arrange a complimentary interview with Julia to determine eligibility.


Interactive Metronome (Individual Intensive) – for improving rhythm, timing, attention and motor skills

The Interactive Metronome is a brain-based program developed to directly improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning, and sequencing. This in turn may strengthen motor skills, and many fundamental cognitive capacities such as planning, organising, and language.

Read more about Interactive Metronome.

Clinical research has shown improvements in:

• attention and concentration
• language processing
• behaviour (aggression and impulsivity)
• fine/gross motor skills
• balance and coordination
• strength and endurance

How does it work?

The Interactive Metronome provides a structured, goal-oriented training process that challenges the participant to precisely match a computer generated beat. The participant is instructed to synchronise various movements to this beat which is heard through headphones. The difference in time between the participant’s performance and the computer generated beat are measured in milliseconds and scores are provided to indicate timing accuracy.

Interactive Metronome at Kids Matters OT

There is an initial 50 minute set up phase. Half hour sessions are booked in at the clinic 2-3 x/ week for an initial period. For suitable candidates, the program can then be continued at home.

Interactive Metronome Options

All Interactive Metronome programs are recommended for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Option 1: Clinic Only

Commitment:     2-3 x 30min clinic sessions /week
Cost:                   $175 /50min start-up, then $105/ per 30 minute session

Option 2: Interactive Metronome Home + Clinic
Commitment:     4-5 sessions /week at home + individual clinic session as required
Cost:                   $55 /week + $750 machine purchase
$175 / additional clinic session as attended

Facilitator: Cameron Griffiths (OT)

What our Interactive Metronome Coach Cameron has found:

• Significantly improved reading levels and increased enjoyment of reading
• Improved handwriting
• Gains in eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination and generalised sports skills
• Improved organisation and planning, including completing assignment tasks and daily homework independently and in a timely manner
• Improved self-confidence and eagerness to try new and challenging activities

It is worth the investment for the great outcomes seen.

If you are interested, please call (07) 3392 6133 or via email to

More information can be found on the Interactive Metronome website.